Levels I  Semester 1

     Credits & Hours   
Subject Code  Course TitleTheoryPractical
Total CreditsCreditsHoursCreditsCredits
FT 1001Basic Mathematics I2230--
FT 1002Biology3230130
FT 1005Chemistry2230--
FT 1006Physics3230130
ET 1001Introduction to Hydrology2230--
EN 1001English for TechnologyNC----
AG 1001Introduction to Farming Systems2115130
AG 1002Principles of Agronomy1115--

NC = Non-credit course

Level I – Semester 2

Subject Course Title Credits & Hours   
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
FT 1003Technology & Historical Transformation2230--
FT 1004Computer Applications2--260
FT 1008Work Shop Practices1--130
ET 1006Basic Soil Science2115130
EN 1002English for TechnologyNC----
AG1003 Introduction to Plantation & Field Crops2115130
AG1004 Introduction to Crop Nutrition2115130
AG1005 Protected Agriculture1115--
AG1007 Introduction to Bio Systems Technology2230--

NC = Non-credit course

Level II – Semester 1

Subject   Credits & Hours   
CodeCourse TitleTheoryPractical
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
FT 2001Management of Technology2230--
EN 2001English for TechnologyNC115--
AG 2001Introductory Animal Husbandry2115130
AG 2002Post-Harvest Technology2115130
AG 2003Fundamentals of Food & Nutrition2115130
AG 2004Participatory Methods in Agriculture Development2115130
AG 2005Irrigation Engineering2115130
AG 2006Applications of Bio Systems Technology2115130
AG 2007Micro Economics111500

NC = Non-credit course

Level II – Semester 2

    Credits & Hours   
Subject CodeCourse TitleTheoryPractical
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
FT 2002Occupational Health and Safety2230--
FT 2003Environmental Law2230--
EN 2002English for Technology- Technical WritingNC115--
AG 2008Bio Statistics2115130
AG 2009Food Preservation &Processing Technology2115130
AG 2010Application of Agricultural Meteorology & Climatology2115130
AG 2011Introduction to Biotechnology1115--
AG 2012Soil & Water Management Techniques111500
AG 2013Macro Economics223000
AG 2014Computer Programming for Non-Specialists1--130

NC = Non-credit course

Level III – Semester 1

Subject CodeCourse Title  Credits & Hours   
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
FT 3001Sociology of Technology Based Society2230--
FT 3002Norms &Values for a Technological Society1115
FT 3003Development Economics1115--
EN 3001English for TechnologyNC115--
AG 3001Research Methodology2115130
AG 3002Molecular Plant Breeding2230--
AG 3003Agri Business Management223000
AG 3004Extension Sciences334500
AG 3007AG 3006
AG 3005Sustainable Solid Waste Management223000
AG 3006Land Use and Environmental Quality111500

NC = Non-credit course

Level III – Semester 2

 Course Title  Credits & Hours   
Subject CodeTheoryPractical
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
EN 3002English for TechnologyNC115--
AG 3007Pests and Disease Management2115130
AG 3008Agricultural Instrumentation &Farm Machinery2115130
AG 3009Plant Tissue Culture1--130
AG 3010Weeds and Weed Management2115130
AG 3011 Production Technologies of Field Crops,Vegetables & Fruit Crops 3115260
AG 3012Field Practices in Agricultural Engineering3115260
AG 3013Practical Livestock Production3115260

NC = Non-credit course

Level IV – Semester 1

Subject CodeCourse Title  Credits & Hours   
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
FT 4001Innovation & Entrepreneurship2230--
FT 4002Business Communication2230--
FT 4003Intellectual Property Rights1115--
EN4001English for Technology1115--
AG 4001Applied Green Technologies in Agriculture2115130
AG 4002Agro Ecology & Sustainable Agriculture2115130
AG 4003Environmental Impact Assessment &Evaluation Techniques223000
AG 4004Agri Tourism111500
AG 4005Organic Food Production111500
AG 4006Biomass Energy Technology223000

Level IV – Semester 2

Subject Code  Credits & Hours   
Course TitleTheoryPractical
Total CreditsCreditHoursCreditHours
EN 4002English for Technology1115--
AG 4007Seminar Presentation1--130
AG 4008Food Packaging Technology2115130
AG 4009Design and Maintenance of Green Houses2230--
AG 4010Remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems2115130
AG 4011Research project*8008240
AG 4012Industrial Training/Internship*8008240

*Only one of these courses can be selected.EN – Have to pass 4 out of 8 courses