Instrumentation involves measurement and control of process variables within in our everyday environment or in a production or manufacturing area. Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, and processes with minimal or reduced human intervention.

The Department of Instrumentation and Automation Technology will conduct the B.Tech. Degree in Instrumentation and Automation Technology. This programme will provide students with the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to apply the technology and techniques required for the development of automation, instrumentation and control systems, which have become essential components in modern industries. The program is expected to address the shortage of personnel with in depth knowledge and experience in these fields.

The curriculum of the technology program is developed focusing on providing a broad knowledge of fundamentals in physics, electronics and information technology to the students and then gradually exposing them to the more practical and in depth knowledge in selected areas, towards latter part of the program.

In addition to the core courses in instrumentation and automation, the course modules offered under the  B.Tech program in  Instrumentation and Automation Technology consists of foundation courses such as mathematics, basic science, computer applications and English, and  supplementary courses  that would give the students a competitive edge in the job market.