A scanning electron microscope (SEM), a type of microscope, is designed for directly studying the surfaces of solid materials with high resolution. The SEM projects and scans a focused high-energy beam of electrons over a surface. The signals that drive from electron-sample interactions reveal information about the sample including external morphology (texture), and chemical composition of the sample. The Faculty of Technology, University of Colombo possesses a ZEISS EVO 18 analytical SEM facility at the Faculty premises. It provides excellent quality imaging results with a resolution of up to 2 nm with the capability to handle a variety of materials. The SEM is also capable of performing an analysis of the chemical composition of selected point locations of the sample using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS). This instrument is perfectly suited to a variety of research applications such as material characterization in areas of Electronics, Semiconductors, Geoscience, Bioscience, etc. The SEM can also be utilized in services apart from academic and research activities.