Today, almost all the industries are rapidly evolving with the aid of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Such industries are assisted by increasing number of intelligent devices which have been inbuilt or embedded computing solutions. Thus, there is a strong demand for multidisciplinary ICT professionals around the globe including Sri Lanka. The Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology Honours degree program offered by the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Technology, University of Colombo aims to cater to this demand by producing multidisciplinary ICT professionals. The prospective undergraduates are selected through the newly introduced Technology stream to the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination. In the degree programme students are exposed to multidisciplinary curricula including mini projects, internship/industrial training, and a final year research project to improve variety of ICT skills and other required skills to make them well-rounded ICT professionals. The well-equipped multimedia, IoT and network laboratories in the Department enable research to be carried out in the areas of Human Computer Interactions, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Computer Networks, Information & Network Security, Computer Science and etc. Overall, students will be trained to serves as Network Professionals, Database Administrators, System Administrators, DevOps Engineers and many other ICT professionals for the Information and Communication Technology industry.

Department of Information and Communication Technology
Faculty of Technology
University of Colombo
Mahenwatta, Pitipana

Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11-210 5308