student awards

Awards are presented to eligible students who have successfully completed their degree programmes.  There are four “open awards” which students in all Faculties compete for

  • The Student of the Year award

The award is granted to a student who shows excellence in his/ her academic studies and also someone with sportsmanship, an interest in aesthetic and cultural activities, with proven leadership and exemplary conduct and character

  • The D. P. P. Samarasekera Peace Prize

The prize is given to a student who worked to foster social harmony either within the University community or outside it through diverse activities and /or to a student who assisted those in need in a courteous, considerate, kind and understanding manner.

  • The Canekeratne Prize for General Merit

This prize is limited to students who receive First or Second Class Upper Division in a Honors Degree from any Faculty.  This student should show considerable achievements in extra curricular activities, such as holding the captaincy or getting colours in a University ‘A’ team; having achievements in debating or oratory competitions; producing or acting as lead in plays for recognized University Societies; or winning gold, silver, or bronze Medal at the University cultural or similar activity.  The eligible student must also have a positive academic record with good attendance and excellent conduct throughout the entire period spent at the University.  The student must provide documentary evidence to prove his/ her eligibility.

  • Thilak Hettiarachchi Award for Academic Excellence