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The Department of Environmental Technology which has been established under the Faculty of Technology, University of Colombo has become the premium education partner of the students who wish to pursue their studies in the field of environmental technology. The department offers Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours in Environmental Technology Degree where the curriculum has been designed to provide the students with the theoretical and practical knowledge on demanding areas in the field. The course modules embarked in the curriculum introduce the students into modern challenging arenas in the field which would mold them to competent personnel in the field at the end of their undergraduate program. The competency of the students would be well strengthened with the opportunities provided by the department to possess the hands on experience in different aspects of the field through practical sessions, internship programmes and research projects. Since its inception, the department conducts research with state-of-the-art technologies to develop innovative environmental technologies which leads to sustainable solutions to challenging environmental issues. At present, the department has initiated collaborations with the Universities in technologically sound countries viz. China, Japan and Finland that lead to student exchange programmes enabling the students to gain foreign exposure in advanced technologies at their undergraduate level. Therefore, the students are privileged to utilize the modern advanced technologies in their prospective research projects which would facilitate them to move with the technologically advanced world and to conduct their future research to provide innovative and creative solutions for the environmental issues in a more successful and reliable manner being top class researchers in the field.

Department of Environmental Technology
Faculty of Technology
University of Colombo
Mahenwatta, Pitipana
Sri Lanka



Phone: +94 011-210 5306