The Department of Environmental Technology develops and evaluates innovative environmental technologies and concepts based on processes from nature, to recover and reuse essential components and maintain and create a viable environment.  Further the Environmental Technology degree focuses on the environmental regulations that every industry, community and municipality confronts when interfacing with the environment.  This course explores the environment, the technologies used for its analysis, and how it is impacted by our activities from a scientific perspective. The integration of these disciplines leads to a broad knowledge of environmental influencers and makes you an attractive candidate for employers.  The Department of Environmental Technology offers students opportunities to solve complex environmental problems while focusing on the sciences behind the biological, physical and chemical mechanisms of environmental processes through monitoring, assessment, management, regulations, policies, communication and etc.  Environmental Technology students are trained to minimize and manage environmental pollution and to solve complex environmental problems.  The aim is to prepare the Environmental Technology students on how to apply theoretical knowledge of the core subjects to the solution of specific problems in technological practice and in creative research activity.

The degree programme at the Department of Environmental Technology is designed and developed for students who wish to:

  • study a field that represents an interdisciplinary synthesis of technical chemistry, ecology, biological sciences and sciences dealing with the living environment,
  • achieve an insight into physical and chemical technologies so as to be able to minimize pollution directly at its source
  • obtain a good grasp of the essence of advanced environmental protection technologies,
  • develop a qualified engineering approach to the analysis and solution of problems relating to the living environment
  • recognize the relation between technology, environmental pollution and environmental protection technology
  • design optimal solutions in specific cases of environmental pollution,
  • acquire a sound knowledge of the basic legislation concerning the living environment,
  • assert themselves in interesting and well paid jobs both in their home country and abroad.

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