Professor J.K.D.S. Jayanetti
B.Sc. (Colombo), PhD (CUNY)

The Faculty of Technology of the University of Colombo is pivotally positioned to provide an excellent technological education to the undergraduates seeking admission to the Faculty. As a newly established Faculty under the patronage of the oldest and the highest ranked Higher Educational Institute in the country, the prime objective of the Faculty is to produce high quality graduates through its innovative study programmes. The Faculty of Technology consists of four dynamic departments, namely, the Departments of Agricultural Technology, Environmental Technology, Instrumentation & Automation Technology and Information & Communication Technology. The Faculty is also equipped with the state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. The experience of our outstanding faculty members who are, themselves, leaders in their disciplines would provide the most intellectually curious undergraduates an opportunity to conduct meaningful research that will give them recognition in both the national and international context. Through the academic programmes conducted by the departments of the Faculty, the students are trained as technology professionals with knowledge of the existing novel technologies. They will also achieve competency in applying them innovatively and creatively. We look forward to making the students who enroll in our programmes become a diverse and talented community of learners, scholars, and professionals.