Comforts in life we enjoy today have been possible due to the possession of a vast array of tools. Technology is the development and production of these tools, may be, as simple as a kitchen knife or as complex as a space craft. Each and every such development is based on the fundamentals of many fields in Science. Therefore, only by understanding the fundamental principles, the advancement and effective use of technology would become possible. Our courses are designed with a view to teach you the essential fundamentals as well as their technological applications in a student friendly manner in a multimode delivery environment. You will have the opportunity to learn and experiment under a well-qualified team of teachers in well-equipped class rooms and laboratories. You will enjoy carrying out experiments, implementing new ideas and innovating technologies in a world class University.

Historical Development of Technology

Technological development has been an integral part of the human civilization, where the knowledge gathered in one generation had been passed on to the next generation through the millennia. This gradual progression has been accelerated during the last few centuries generating and accumulating an unimaginable quantity of knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand the potential benefits as well as the potential danger of technology, for us to be able to put it to good use.  The courses are designed to tell you the story of technological progress of humankind, the pros and cons of technology and its humanitarian aspects.

Environmental Aspects of Technology

A concerned citizen in the today’s world always cares about the environment. Generation of waste, toxins, and over exploitation of natural resources have created many problems. Not only the use of technology has contributed to these problems but also has offered solutions. The present day technologist must therefore, be capable of identifying existing and potential problems and finding solutions. As a student of the Faculty of Technology, University of Colombo, you will have the opportunity to study problems and bring solutions to them. You will contribute to improve the quality of our environment, and make processes based on technology to be more efficient and environmental friendly.

Legal Aspects of Technology

An advanced society is characterized by law and order. Peaceful coexistence and smooth progression of a nation is based on the compliance to regulations by its citizens. Technologists must be aware of numerous regulations governing all of their technological applications. On the other hand, they should be able to place the legal framework necessary to protect their innovations. Students will be educated with the laws governing technological applications and protecting inventor ’s rights.