Health Service

The University health services play a major role for the students in maintaining healthy and active life free from any mental and physical ailments. There are two Health Centers in the University of Colombo. The main Health Centre is located in the “Samson’s Bungalow” on Reid Avenue, which serves the majority of Faculties, Units and Centres of the university. The other health center is located at the Faculty of Medicine at Kinsey Road for the benefit of the Medical Faculty students and staff. Dental treatment service for the students is available at the University of Colombo health center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The different services provided by the University health centers are listed.

Medical Examinations

For all new students, medical examination is an essential part of the registration procedure and the enrolment in the university is not valid until such medical examinations have been completed. The medical examination forms are sent along with the registration documents for the new students to the University. The completed forms are filled in the health center in the University. The students who have shown any health issues during the medical examination are directed to suitable clinics for the further treatments.

Medical Counseling

Students who need to discuss any personal health issues can get the medical advice from the University medical officer and any who needs further help is directed to the relevant University clinics.

Laboratory Testing Facilities

This facility is available in the health center of the Medical Faculty for all the students.


Immunization against smallpox and typhoid is arranged at the University clinics. However, these vaccinations are optional for the students. Such facilities are arranged on occasions and students are advised to take these opportunities at the earliest possible time.

Other Services

There are number of services other than the above mentioned services offered by the health centers of the University of Colombo. Such services include issuing medical certificates for students, issuing medical certificates to the university staff and students for obtaining driving licenses, conducting special medical examinations for scholarships for the staff, supplying available medicines on a long term basis for chronic illnesses to the university staff and students, maintenance of health in the university premises including the halls of residence, examination of all personnel handling food items, recommendation of special medical leave for students and facilitation of specialist advice and inpatient care on referral at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.


Illness during Examinations and Medical Certificates

  • Students who are unable to attend for theory and / or practical component of examinations / lectures due to medical reasons should submit a Medical Certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) / University Medical Officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo or a valid Medical certificate recommended by the CMO / UMO if they seek relief. Such students should make a request in writing (by telegram to the Dean of respective Faculty or SAR /Examinations) for relief indicting the reasons for such absence within 3 working days from the date of absence for such lectures and/or practicals.
  • Students who fall ill during examinations within the Colombo city and outside the Colombo city are advised strictly to adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the Medical Certificates not being accepted and the absence being treated as one attempt without valid excuse.
  • A student who falls ill during the period of examinations within the Colombo city should report to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) /University Medical officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo. The CMO/UMO will examine the student and issue a Medical Certificate, if necessary. The Medical Certificate issued by the CMO/UMO will be forwarded to the Dean of the relevant Faculty and/or the SAR/Examinations. This has to be done within a period of two weeks. The Student is advised to verify with the Dean of the relevant Faculty or the SAR/Examinations whether the Medical Certificate had been received from the CMO/UMO.
  • A student who falls ill during the period of examinations outside the Colombo city and who finds it difficult to report to the CMO/UMO due to seriousness of the illness, should get treatment preferably from the nearest Government Medical Institution, or in exceptional cases from Registered Medical Practitioners or Institutions. All Medical Certificates other than those issued by the CMO/UMO with the aim of informing the Dean of the respective Faculty or the SAR/ Examinations, should be forwarded to the CMO/UMO along with attached application form (when applicable) within 7 (seven) days from the last date of recommended medical leave.
  • CMO/UMO shall have the discretion to decline to give his/her recommendations or observations on the Medical certificate submitted and received after the above period.
  • The following categories of Medical Certificates will only be accepted by the UMO /CMO for consideration when they are submitted in terms of the above guidelines:
    (i) Medical certificates issued by a Government Hospital /District Medical Officer
    (ii) Medical certificate issued by a Private Medical Practitioner only in the case of leave for less than five days; provided the CMO/UMO at their discretion, in appropriate cases may consider accepting a Medical Certificate issued by a Private Practitioner where the nature and seriousness of illness and the treatment administered, in the opinion of the CMO/UMO are acceptable.
    (iii) The CMO/UMO may request the following documents of further proof of the illness.
    * Receipt or payment for the Medical Certificate from Government Hospital.
    * Prescriptions of the medicines taken.
    * Reports of the blood tests, etc.
    (If the required documents are not submitted with the application may be rejected)