The Department of Agricultural Technology conducts the academic programme leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Bio-Systems Technology in Agriculture. The aim of this degree programme is to educate students in the fundamentals of biological scienecs, mathematics, physical sciences, and technology, balanced with the application of knowledge in Bio-Systems Technology to Agriculture. In this degree programme, we explore and investigate interactions between soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans in order to achieve sustainable agriculture.

The curriculum is developed with the objective of imparting knowledge which will enable students to develop skills and competencies for achieving goals of sustainable agriculture. Students graduating with a B.Tech. degree in Bio-Systems Technology in Agriculture from the University of Colombo, will be equipped with skills and competencies for solving problems; Related to, food security in Sri Lanka especially, to produce safe, high-quality food, meeting demands and needs of a growing population in an atmosphere when agriculture is challenged by climate change; Associated with protecting natural resources, the efficient use of nonrenewable resources, converting waste materials into valuable resources and minimizing the degradation of air, soil and water quality during agricultural practices.

In addition, students graduating with a B.Tech. Degree in Bio-Systems Technology in Agriculture will be educated and trained on awareness, and the importance of economics and safe agricultural practices with lower environmental impact when engaging in agriculture.