The research conducted by Department of Environmental Technology is multi-disciplinary and cross-cutting, spanning across a wide range of subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Hydrology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Toxicology, Geochemistry, Environmental health, Paleoclimatology, Chemical industrial processing and effluent chemistry, Environmental Geo-Archeology, Soil and water nanotechnology, Agricultural soil chemistry and Geo-informatics. Our labs possess instruments and the technological applications to conduct research involving both pure and applied Sciences. Experimentation related to environmental monitoring and assessment of quality of water, soil and air are some of the key research conducted by the Department of Environmental Technology. Additionally, the department encompasses the capacity in conducting high quality applied research in different aspects of environmental toxicology and further, research related to different levels of biomarkers that could be applied in the field of environmental monitoring. The Department also provides support to research programmes in environmental microbiology. One of the key research areas under this broad discipline is to explore the biotechnological prospects and industrial applications of extremophilic microbial communities in natural and engineered extreme environments. The In addition to chemical analysis, the department consists of research facilities for biological environmental monitoring such as Coliform Test kits which can be used in the field. Furthermore, the department consists of a fully equipped computer laboratory that facilitates to conduct research on remote sensing and geo-spatial information systems. department is equipped with modern sophisticated equipment to cater the technological needs to conduct research on these areas both in the laboratory and in the field.